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    Programmatic audio: why brands should stay tuned

    17-08-2019|Audio, Insights, Why radio,

    Article in Mediatel

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    The importance of time-length in TV advertising

    17-08-2019|Insights, Research, Video,

    Research: what is the impact of lenght in TV advertising? Source : Thinkbox

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    Mark Ritson: Zeven redenen waarom de TV-twijfelaars het fout hebben

    7-08-2019|Insights, Video, Why video,

    Origineel artikel verschenen in Marketing Week (7/8/19)

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    Video Observer

    15-05-2019|Insights, Video,

    Le comportement video des Belges par ¼ d’heure. Source : IP website https://www.ipb.be/fr/cross-media/content/articles/video-observer-le-troisieme-volet-des-observers-dip

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    Whitepaper: Addressable TV en Flandres

    14-01-2019|Addressable, Insights, Video,

    Source : SBS website https://www.sbsbelgium.be/lapublicit%C3%A9cibl%C3%A9edanslapratique

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    Hear and Now

    17-06-2018|Audio, Insights, Research,

    Targeting people at relevant times helps turbocharge ad effectiveness Source : RadioCentre

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    La radio est le média le plus crédible en Belgique et en Europe

    13-04-2018|Audio, Insights, Research, Why radio,

    Source : VAR website. Auteur : Stefan Delaeter, 13/4/18 https://www.var.be/fr/blog/la-radio-est-le-media-le-plus-credible-en-belgique-et-en-europe

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    Profit Ability

    22-03-2018|Insights, Research, Video,

    Une étude UK qui dessine le ROI des différent media.

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    L’étude flamande Share of Ear radiographie la consommation audio

    14-03-2018|Audio, Insights, Research,

    Source : VAR website. 14/3/2018 https://www.var.be/fr/blog/etude-flamande-share-of-ear