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    Belgian broadcasters sign the blueprint for ‘a new video ecosystem’

    10-08-2021|New & opinion, Video,

    A balance between a better viewing comfort via ‘Replay TV’ and a new advertising model in which increased advertising reach and the digitization of TV are central. The media sector is evolving rapidly and drastically. Within this changing environment, VIA,…

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    Standaardisatie van Addressable TV

    14-10-2020|Addressable, Insights, New & opinion, Video,

    Addressable TV advertising evolueert van een straffe innovatie naar een matuur kwalitatief product SBS Belgium, DPG Media, IP Belgium en RMB samen met Telenet en Proximus zijn meer dan ooit klaar om addressable TV advertising nationaal verder uit te rollen….

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    DAT & VIA launch a video quality label

    1-10-2020|New & opinion, Video,

    The Belgian DIGITAL AD TRUST project (in short : DAT Belgium) now also proposes  a quality label for video advertising About one year ago DAT, a collaboration between UBA (advertisers) and WE MEDIA (editors), launched a quality label for display….