VIA supports CommToZero

Businesses are urged to play their part in tackling climate change and other environmental disasters, not only are they partly part of the problem, but the environmental factor will play a decisive role in their long term’s business. 

The CommToZero coalition has brought together the Belgian advertisers, agencies, and media. They have taken the initiative to help the communication industry to work towards accelerating the sustainability transition on two levels: 

  • Stimulate more sustainable consumer behaviour, with the correct environmental claims
  • Lower the carbon footprint of the communication’s value chain.

We are thrilled to announce that our first initiative as a CommToZero coalition has come to light, promoting environmental claims without greenwashing.

You can find the guide to zero greenwashing, on the Commtozero platform.

This guidance is built around 6 principles designed to help marketers, agencies and others involved in the production of marketing to avoid the common pitfalls that can lead to misleading environmental claims (also known as “misleading green claims” or “greenwashing”).

Our next challenge will be to assess the carbon emissions of our industry throughout the value chain. We have partnered up with carbon experts to help you to measure your in-house carbon footprint, production efforts emissions and channel planning emissions. 

We will continue our journey through the decarbonization of the value chain to help measure the internal carbon footprint, emissions from production efforts and emissions from media channel planning.

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