• D-Mat

What is D-Mat?

The D-Mat system is a central point of entrance for all advertising spots that will air on the commercial channels in Belgium. The system allows standardistaion of the digitalisation of the material, allows controls on the sound level and quality and ensures the routing to the saleshouses

All sales houses in the ABMA/BVAM have been successfully using the D-MAT delivery system for material for TV spots since 2009.

The ABMA has approved the Belgian post-production houses that use the D-MAT technology. They will be able to ensure that your adverts conform to the HD-MAT standards on the basis of your masters, cassettes or original files, as well as delivery to the advertising sales houses by secure link.

List of post-production houses: download the PDF file (15.4.2024)

Technical features for the different channels HD: download the PDF file (18.4.2023)

With the aim of improving broadcasting reliability, the sales houses recommend that media agencies use the MBCID as a reference for all communication with persons involved in an advertising campaign: clients, advertisers, creative agencies, production and post-production companies.

This will enable production and post-production houses that are aware of this to add it to the D-MAT or HD-MAT metadata.

Examples of MBCID: “SPA113423”, “MECTV12000162”, “MDSTV12002798”

Thank you for your cooperation.