Global TV deck 2021

The Global TV Group has released the first of three topical updates of its Global TV Deck planned for 2021 – showcasing how TV drives business outcomes.

The compendium gathers research summaries from various countries and covers critical studies as “The Halo Effect: TV As A Growth Engine” (VAB/Effectv), “Not all reach is equal” (Screenforce DACH/Karen Nelson-Field), “TV Drives Advertising Effectiveness that Lasts” (Accenture/thinktv Canada), “Profitability: The Business Case for Advertising” (Thinkbox/Ebiquity/Gain Theory) – and more.

This brand-new research collection is indispensable for marketers seeking to make the most informed decisions regarding their ad investments – illustrating how TV drives business outcomes and provides them with the best leverage for their marketing activities.

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