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Cedric Engels : De kracht van geluid

Auteur en TEDx-spreker Cedric Engels was altijd al gefascineerd door sound. Als muziekproducer, als DJ bij Hermanos Inglesos, als master in de rechten, als Sonic Branding-voortrekker en mede-oprichter van Sonhouse, een organisatie die geluidsidentiteiten bedenkt voor de filmwereld, voor merken… Cedric zijn bestaan werd bepaald door geluid en stilte

Matt Hopper : What Should a Brand Sound Like?

Sonic branding is not new, but the increasing impact and success brands are now achieving with it is impressive, to say the least. This session explains with the help of live examples what sonic branding is, how to produce it, and how to efficiently adapt and apply it across multiple touchpoints. Matt Hopper is co-founder of Trisonic, UK.

Rose Beaumont : Sonic Branding – The Use of Sound to Reinforce Your Brand Identity

A year ago, Mastercard removed the name from its logo and kept only the iconic red and yellow interlocking circles, making of Mastercard a symbol only brand. Shortly after, the new sonic brand identity was also introduced to increase brand recognition. Rose Beaumont, Senior VP Business Enablement & Communications at Mastercard, explains why sonic branding is so important for a brand in today’s digital world and shares the most important lessons in the development of the company’s own sound architecture.

19h00 : Remise du SONIQ AWARD

>> https://thinkvia.be/fr/soniqaward/

19h15 : Apéro + Walking Dinner + DJ Battle & Party